Transpersonal Art Counsellor MCGI MBACP, & HeartMath Coach.

The adult play that I am advocating; invigorates, reveals, empowers, is flexible, objective, informative, discerning, explorative, creative, cathartic, safe, is a process. It is not definitive, conclusive, jeopardising, insidious, demeaning, undermining, infantilising. Art and Play are creative processes that help free us up to explore life experiences from varying perspectives. The adult play environment I maintain is a safe and non-judgmental space for anything to be expressed, investigated and unearthed. These processes guide and open us up to the opportunity to make better informed choices that are aligned to our individual values.

We are creative and playful by nature. The truth to being creative through art and play is that we can take an idea and address it under safe and clear conditions without any fixed outcome attached. If you have stuck thoughts and feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety, depression, or grief, and are having to perform in personal and professional environments, under cultural and social settings that challenge your core principles; viewing your experiences through the creative lense of art and play could provide you with the opportunity to stand back and consider new ways of understanding, and help you to build the resilience, grow and develop the confidence to make choices that revitalise you.

I have taken myself through 22 years of self development, counselling, holistic practices, been training for 13 years in these areas, and working with all ages towards peoples social and emotional betterment for 23 years. This in turn has made it possible for me to aptly support your process with integrity.

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Discovering potential, inspiring choice

Seeing and observing equips us to reflect and keep what serves us and let go of what hinders our ability to progress forward in life, by achieving this level of discernment one is empowered to grow as a creator.