Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards

Self care has been the motivation in the creation of this card set. I have come to understand the value wellbeing practices provide in sustaining ones overall health. I invite you to welcome the idea that your wellbeing is not a luxury, that it is a necessity. To be a support for ourselves generates a wholesomeness that can be extended to others. This set has been developed from personal care practices which help restore balance daily, even during turbulent times.

It is hard to imagine any one of us who has not been impacted by the changes that are occurring in the world today. Recent events have reached every one of us globally, and it is this that has moved me to create, and share these cards with you.

This set contains:

  • 36 original affirmation cards,
  • 2 introduction cards,
  • 1 content card,
  •  3 blank affirmation cards,
  • 3 activity cards.

The affirmations that have been printed in gold on the 36 card set can be used every day or once a week, on a new moon or full moon; in any way that calls to you.

I have presented these cards on occasions when gathered together as a group of friends. I have offered each friend to pick a card without seeing the affirmation on it. Once each person has a card they may wish to reveal their chosen card to the group. We are often anticipating what each friend has received, and the reveal has always brought smiles and good feelings. This has proved to be a fun way to end a get together.

If you would like more information and to order a set of affirmation cards, please contact me.