Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards

“If we surrendered to Earth’s intelligence, we could rise up rooted like trees.” Rilke

Self care has been the motivation in the creation of this card set. I have come to understand the value wellbeing practices provide in sustaining ones overall health. I invite you to welcome the idea that your wellbeing is not a luxury, that it is a necessity. To be a support for ourselves generates a wholesomeness that can be extended to others. This set has been developed from personal care practices which help restore balance daily, even during turbulent times.

It is hard to imagine any one of us who has not been impacted by the changes that are occurring in the world today. Recent events have reached every one of us globally, and it is this that has moved me to create, and share these cards with you.

This set contains:

  • 36 original affirmation cards,
  • 2 introduction cards,
  • 1 content card,
  •  3 blank affirmation cards,
  • 3 activity cards.

The affirmations that have been printed in gold on the 36 card set can be used every day or once a week, on a new moon or full moon; in any way that calls to you.

I have presented these cards on occasions when gathered together as a group of friends. I have offered each friend to pick a card without seeing the affirmation on it. Once each person has a card they may wish to reveal their chosen card to the group. We are often anticipating what each friend has received, and the reveal has always brought smiles and good feelings. This has proved to be a fun way to end a get together.

How to order

If you would like more information and to order a set of affirmation cards, please contact me.

Card are also available to purchase in the Rudolph Steiner House Bookshop located at 35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT.

Creativity Unmasked affirmation cards

A beautiful set of 36 original affirmation cards, with introductory, blank and activity cards, presented in a handmade bespoke gift bag.

The story of the cards

There are more than one self care practice that have been woven into the creation of this card set:

Plant Study: Goethean Observation.

The Plant Study activity is the first practice I engaged with. Despite the fact that human activity has for centuries been defined as being separate from nature, we are fortunately and increasingly recognising that we benefit in a multitude of ways when we connect with nature.

There is a continuity in nature, and a rhythm that soothes us. This rhythm is witnessed in the changing of seasons for example. Rhythm is likened to breathing, and we have this direct connection with trees and plants. We exchange Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide as part of the plants and our breathing process. When we meditate we bring our awareness to our breath and with this we deepen our breathing by feeling our chest and belly expand, and our chest and belly contract. This expansion and contraction is part of plant metamorphosis.

A plant begins as a seed, from the seed sprouts a shoot, and out of the shoot leaves unfold. The rhythm here being that in the contraction there are processes that are not visible and in the expansion those processes are revealed. Through the creative study of plants we can experience many of life’s wonders, wonders that we coexist with and are a part of.

Core Values: The HeartMath Process

The Heart has an intelligence that is superior to the intelligence of the brain. This is because there are more neuronal receptors in the heart compared to that of the brain. We know that the Heart is the centre of our feeling experience, often one would place their hand to the heart when they are feeling love. Studies have shown recordings of the heart responding to events before they have occurred, and at a faster response to stimulus than the brain. When we connect and place value onto something we begin to associate a feeling which gives it more meaning to us.

The science of epigenetics shows that our environment has an effect on our wellbeing. There is an external environment and an internal environment. The internal environment means the physical, emotional, and mental landscape. Epigenetics recognises that when we tell ourselves certain things or think in certain ways we are effecting our internal environment, and this is recorded to show a positive or negative affect on our bodies chemistry. These chemicals are released into our body to inform us where we are feeling safe and happy, or stressed and in danger. Though these chemical hormones fluctuate in or body all the time we are not always required to run from danger though we may get startled by something external or an unsettling thought. These fluctuations may get out of hand and place unnecessary pressure on our nervous system because without knowing it our mind may be running a negative dialogue that is on repeat, which can influence the decisions we make, and how we feel towards ourselves and others.

One of the core principles of the HeartMath technique invites us to connect to a positive feeling which helps elevate ones perception from worry and stress to feelings of calm and appreciation. In guiding our awareness to contemplating our values we can come to know how one value may or may not serve us depending on our perception. The affirmations written onto these cards are intended to help support you to integrate a deeper understanding of oneself to ones core values. Through this awareness one may choose to align to the value in the positive sense and to feel and experience what that value brings. The heart will feel this experience and will inform the mind whose neuronal messaging will shift from negative patterns and strengthen our perceptions towards pathways of thinking that support our wellbeing and growth. This shuts down excess production of cortisol (stress hormone) and increases the production of oxytocin (love hormone). These chemical changes are an alteration to our internal environment which help build and generate wellness in the mind, body, soul, and spirit.

The Plant Painting:

In  the set there are 2 introduction cards, a content card, 3 blank affirmation cards, and 3 activity cards. These 9 cards are pieces of a puzzle that can be joined together to complete a small image of the painting I created from the plant study practice.

The 36 original affirmation cards make up a larger image of this painting.

I intended that the small image helps guide you as a reference to piece together the larger image.

The Unopened Bud

I am the unopened bud, and I the blossom,
I am the life-force gathering to a crest,
I am the still companion of the silence,
I am the far-flung seeker of the quest.
I am the daughter gathering in wisdom,
I am the son whose questions never cease,
I am the dawn light search out glad justice,
I math centre where all souls find peace.

Unknown Author.

How to order

If you would like more information and to order a set of affirmation cards, please contact me.

Card are also available to purchase in the Rudolph Steiner House Bookshop located at 35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT.