Creative Counselling

Why choose counselling?

The support of a counsellor can help you live life to your full potential. There are many challenges that can take our focus away from living a more fulfilled life. People who are looking for support from a counsellor may have pivotal life choices to make; they may recognise repeat patterns that do not support their well-being and happiness, or be moving through present or past grief and loss. They can be going through a time of crisis; are burnt out, have been through or experienced a number of traumatic personal trauma or transgenerational trauma events; are working through past and present challenging relationship dynamics with oneself, partners, family, friends, at work, with life; and, or are seeking personal meaning, purpose and fulfilment.

What to expect with creative counselling

Primarily the journey is yours and you may wish to talk through your process and I will help guide and support you. I will mostly listen and help you reflect upon your process and share with you opportunities to use Art, Creativity, Play (i.e. Sandplay, Roleplay), Movement, Stories, Meditation, build coherence through Heart Mind Connection, observe the Body and Mind connection, and understand the Mind Body Connection. And I will offer you ways to ground this all into your day to day life.

What does transpersonal mean?

The transpersonal aspires towards the understanding that everything is connected. I have worked with people in Laos, Libya, Lebanon, Turkey, France, Italy and the U.K. holding this intention with full respect to each individuals social, cultural, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical needs.

What makes this a creative process?

  • Talk
    Talking is part of the process and can be the method used if you wish.
  • Art & Play
    Creative Arts and Play are effortless pathways to the subconscious, whose methods range from more spontaneous activity, to making well considered placement of figurines in a sand tray, in painting, clay modelling, drawing. writing or role playing, or even singing & dancing if the mood takes you. With creative practices I can help you to explore the relationships between the symbols, shapes, and forms in what you create and the thoughts and feelings which come with them. This part of the journey usually contains an element of surprise which clients enjoy because it shows that there is more to creative expression than what was initially been expected.
  • Transpersonal & Holistic
    The Transpersonal and Holistic brings perspective into your individual experience. This helps you extend your identity beyond the thoughts that can bring about the feeling of being stuck.

What can be achieved with creative counselling?

  • Relaxed Confidence
  • Optimism
  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Creativity
  • Inspiration
  • Resilience
  • Peace & Power
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Gratification
  • Calm
  • Clarity
  • Self-worth
  • Purpose & Meaning
  • Self-respect
  • Personal Growth

What can creative counselling help alleviate?

  • Guilt & Shame
  • Cause and Effect of Abuse
  • Overwhelm
  • Burn Out
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Confidence Issues
  • Boundary Issues

Costs for 1:1 Counselling Sessions

I offer sessions using Zoom. Arrangements can be made once we have connected by phone and/or email.

Telephone: 07727170906


I offer an initial consultation session for those who are willing to work through their counselling process. The consultation lasts 40 mins and allows us to see if we are suited to working together.

A counselling session lasts 60 mins and is scheduled to run on a regular weekly basis.

The intial cancellation terms applied are on a 48hrs notification basis, at half the cost of a full session.

Six is the recommended number of sessions to begin, and we then work around a cycle of six sessions (six, twelve, eighteen, twentyfour), and the option to end sessions is always open. We review the process every six session cycle. To end at any stage, two final sessions is recommended for closure.

Location is in North London, N5. 

Find out more

If you would like to book a session or find out more, I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

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    Charlotte's Creative Counselling Experience

    I’ve tried many talk based therapies with little success and was immediately drawn to Aya’s holistic counselling approach, even though I have very limited artistic talent – I used to find it very relaxing and therapeutic as a child.

    Read the full experience…

    Stephen's Creative Counselling Experience

    What I liked most about Aya’s counselling is the constant and pleasant sense of surprise it brings… It was a remarkable experience, different from conventional counselling, though we talked about relationships here in a straightforward way.

    Read the full experience…

    {Aya displays genuine curiosity in working with people, seeking to understand at a deeper level what the individual is facing and how to assist them. She shows humaness, lightness and playfulness in her approach and uses her creativity to address challenging personal issues. Aya helped me to move from a very generic issue that was actually out of my control to a more personal, felt sense of the issue. This enabled me to see and feel the real issue and to start to move through it.
    Carla Collenette
    Leadership Development Consultant
    {Aya was very sensitive to my needs allowing me to self-direct the session, and then supporting me to explore what came out in a more focused way. Starting with working creatively really helped to go deeper and to develop the process. It felt very natural to then move to more physical energy work. It was great to use a mixture of techniques that complimented each other well and follow what was most useful for me in the moment. The way Aya created the session environment made it a very safe space to explore whatever came up and it was refreshing to have the freedom to do this in different ways.
    Chas Gage
    Voluntary Sector Consultant
    {Aya is a fantastic listener, very reassuring and reflective in the emotional guidance she provides. She has very good counselling skills and has the ability to offer very creative means of expression that can suit many individuals in distress - both adults and children.
    Dr Emilie Medeiros
    Clinical psychologist
    {Aya makes deep work feel very safe and contained. She has an amazing ability to let me flow wherever I need to go and then help me make the connections to bring meaning to the experience. Working with her has made a wonderful impact on the experience of my life.
    Pete Bowers
    Teacher & Educational Psychologist
    {Aya is very intuitive and has an excellent ability in responding to the client's needs. Aya facilitated me to take the lead in exploring my feelings using a range of creative resources that were readily available in the space. I was instinctively drawn to painting, sculpture and movement too which, with Aya's guidance brought me useful release, reflection and insight. I felt safe and really trusted that Aya would be able to work with anything that I needed to talk about. I recommend this way of working because it feels very free and productive too.
    Poppy Kay
    Drama practitioner
    {Aya's Creative Holistic Counselling approach is really powerful in a gentle, playful and trusting environment. I would recommend anyone to try this who is looking for different ways to approach themselves.
    Sama Mara
    Artist & Digital Media