Creative Consultations

There is a greater understanding of the importance and need for physical, mental, and emotional well-being for improved quality of life, happiness, forefilment, and greater performance of individuals, and groups; on personal, and professional levels.

Creativity, Art, and Play Benefit Development and Improve Performance

There has been a rising interest and understanding that creativity, art and play help to build: a child’s development, and progress in adults for necessary life skills such as; communication, health, stress management, resilience, innovation, and many more.

Incorporating a Creative perspective

It is this that has lead individuals and professionals to contact me asking how best to incorporate a broader spectrum of approaches for their personal and professional practice and development. I am offering consultations for individuals and professionals to share what they are working with so that I can provide different ideas in how they can approach what is being worked through from creative perspectives.

  • For example; a parent may contact me to ask how to connect to their playful side to help connect with and support their child’s play. It may be a school or a school teacher finding creative ways of supporting a child or a group of children through a project, or in working through certain challenges.
  • Another example is when I am contacted by a Company Coach looking for a wider repertoire of activities to offer their 1:1 or client group.
  • In these cases I can extend my insights and knowledge, offer ideas and resources; which can be taken away researched and integrated into their personal and professional practice.

I am also available to collaborate and help to design and run workshops.

Please note that this service is not a training and is purely offered on an advisory basis as guidance for further development.


Sessions can run over the phone, through skype or face to face at locations in Somerset and London.


Sessions cost £55 for 1hr.

One off, and more regular sessions are available.
It is possible to arrange and agree on a concession rate if needed.
A 20% discount is applied for charitable work and organisations.

Find out more

If you would like to book a session or find out more, I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

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