Complimentary to well being

Path of Love

Powerful Personal Development Process

I participated in the Path of Love 8 day process in November 2012. There have been a few self initiated pivotal points in my life, and this process is one of them. The Path of Love has been a major factor in helping fire up the courage I needed in order to break out of the shackles of my prior perceptions. I had to adjust myself accordingly. A far from easy journey, willing you not to give up on yourself, and well worth it!

Anwar Ravjani

Embodiment Massage Therapist

Anwar has helped me towards the experience of absolute relaxation. With his guidance I was able to work through tensions in my body, and achieve a better understanding of the relationship between body, mind and relaxation.

Rani Louise

Nutritional Therapist

Rani has a wealth of resourceful information on nutrition and day to day wellness. I enjoy the ease with which she shares her knowledge and find that the wisdom she holds is invaluable for the betterment of our health and well being.